Bathroom Cleaning Pricing

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with our outstanding and budget-friendly Master Clean bathroom cleaning services in Santa Clara and San Jose.

Simple Pricing for Bathroom Cleaning Services

Master Clean Bathroom Cleaning Services is committed to providing transparent and easy-to-understand pricing for their deep cleaning services. They understand the importance of thorough cleaning for a clean and healthy environment and strive to offer straightforward pricing without any hidden fees. Their main goal is to empower customers to make informed decisions by clearly presenting the cost of their services. With a focus on delivering high-quality results, Master Clean Bathroom Cleaning Services guarantees customers a fair and honest price, leaving their bathrooms fresh, sanitized, and revitalized.

1 Bath Deep Clean


  • 1 hour with 1 cleaner
  • $60 Per Additional Hour

2 Baths Deep Clean


  • 2 hours with 1 cleaner
  • $60 Per Additional Hour
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink
  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors
  • Clean all floor surfaces
  • Take out the garbage
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Disinfect door knobs and switches
  • Hand wipe baseboards, doors, and door frames

Hard water marks, calcium buildup, and mineral buildup on fixtures, shower doors, showers, tubs, counters, and shower walls may require multiple cleaning attempts. We’ll identify stained grout and suggest replacing any caulking or silicone with underlying mold. Discoloring or finish deterioration on tubs and shower floors will still look stained or dirty despite cleaning efforts. Persistent stains on tubs and floors will need several cleaning sessions to significantly reduce or completely remove them.

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