what to expect with master clean

The process is easy.  Sit back and let Master Clean do the heavy lifting.


before the clean

Prepare your home

during the service

Relax while we do the heavy lifting

after cleaning

Enjoy your Master Cleaned home

Get ready for your cleaning by following the instructions below:

  • Please clear excess objects such as clothes, toys and appliances, so we may reach and clean all surfaces.
  • Find a decent spot for your pets so they are relaxed while we clean.
  • Put out clean linens in case you would like us to change bed sheets.
  • Don’t invest any energy cleaning before we arrive! After all, cleaning homes is our specialty. We’ll pay special attention to all points of interest in your cleaning plan before we arrive.


Please provide us with your garage code or extra key. For added security, we cross reference all house keys. In case you’re not comfortable providing us with codes or keys, please schedule someone to be at your property at the time of the cleaning.

Life happens and we understand… If you need to make arrangements, please call us within 72 hours of your booked service and we’ll be happy to work with you. If you’re unable to give us a notice within that time frame, we may charge a small fee.

during the cleaning

All of our cleaning specialists are insured and trained in the master clean way. Every single one of our employees has gone through a thorough background check and is extensively trained in peak performance cleaning techniques.

In the event that you’re home during the cleaning, we’ll work around you and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our crews deliver services 7 days a week and may work around your schedule. Considering that not every home is the same, we will work and invest our time wisely to deliver a clean home to you and your loved one.

after the cleaning

A Master Clean representative will follow up with you after the cleaning and collect any feedback that you may have so that we may continue delivering a great experience.

If you’re not satisfied with our services, we will return to your property and make it right. Simply let us know within 24 hours after your last cleaning service including any oversight or mistake in our service. Your happiness is our priority.

what to expect
Contact Info
In the event that something is damaged over the span of a cleaning, we will repair or replace damaged items. Master Clean employees are fully bonded, licensed, trained, and insured.
  • Liability: You’re covered if we damage anything!
  • Bonded: To ensure your property is protected.
  • Auto: To protect our Master Clean vehicles on your property
  • Workers Compensation: To protect our employees in your home