There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a clean and organized home. When everything is in its proper place, it brings a sense of calm and clarity to your mind, making it easier to unwind after a busy day. We all know that if we neglect the cleaning for just a few days, things quickly become overwhelming. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have a daily cleaning checklist. Whether you’re doing a deep spring clean or simply want to establish a regular cleaning routine, having a spotless home will bring daily satisfaction and contentment.

Step-by-Step Daily Cleaning Checklist

Many times, cleaning tasks are neglected due to the countless responsibilities of work, children, family, and friends, and the limited time for personal relaxation. However, utilizing this daily cleaning checklist will enable you to effectively manage your cleaning tasks and avoid the need to spend excessive amounts of time trying to catch up later on.

Additionally, we have included some extra tasks that you can easily accomplish during the weekend. By following this list, you are on the right track to achieving a nearly immaculate home.


To prioritize your cleaning tasks, it is advisable to begin with the kitchen as it tends to become dirty frequently and requires the most thorough cleaning. Even if you are unable to clean the other rooms within the day, make sure to complete the kitchen cleaning.

Loading dishes and disposing of garbage constitute the primary tasks in this job, however, ensuring the cleanliness of your countertops will also yield significant outcomes.

Below is a daily cleaning schedule for the kitchen.

  1. Wash dishes/load dishwasher 
  2. Take out garbage and recycling
  3. Sweep the floor
  4. Use baking soda or a general cleaner to wipe down kitchen countertops and other surfaces.

Bonus weekend chores:

  • Throw out old food in the fridge
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop depending on surface


Ensure that you clean the bathrooms frequently since they are heavily used in your home. Consider it as your second most important task, immediately after cleaning the kitchen.

Below is a list of tasks to be completed on a daily basis when cleaning the bathroom.

  • Put used towels in the dirty laundry
  • Clean the toilet using antibacterial cleaner.
  • Clean the sink and any surfaces with antibacterial cleaner by wiping them.
  • Clean mirrors

Bonus weekend chores:

  1. Clean the shower and bathtub walls by using a scrubbing motion.
  2. Mop the floor
  3. Empty waste baskets if full
  4. Sweep/vacuum/mop depending on surface


Once the kitchen and bathrooms have been thoroughly cleaned, it is now necessary to attend to the bedroom. A well-kept and organized bedroom fosters a peaceful and soothing environment, allowing you to relax and experience a restful sleep.

Below is a checklist for cleaning your bedroom on a daily basis:

  1. Collect and place any items on the floor, such as clothes or books, into their appropriate locations.
  2. Make the bed and straighten pillows

Bonus weekend chores:

  1. Do the laundry
  2. Dust surfaces
  3. Empty waste baskets if full
  4. Sweep/vacuum/mop depending on surface

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Living Room

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to maintain the living room, but it’s important to take some easy measures to ensure it stays neat. Since it is where you spend quality time with your family, it’s essential to keep it free from mess and distractions.

Here is a daily cleaning list for the living room:

  • Organize the space by removing toys, clutter, and any other items.
  • Straighten any pillows and fold blankets

Bonus weekend chores:

  • Dust surfaces and television
  • Clean the surface using either a broom, vacuum cleaner, or mop based on its texture and material.
  • Ensure that any sizable objects, such as the piano, are properly cared for and maintained.

Dining Room

During your regular cleaning routine, make sure to thoroughly clean and declutter your dining room, as it can easily gather dirt and mess.

Below is a checklist to follow for cleaning the dining room on a daily basis.

  • Organize and remove any objects that are not meant to be in the room.
  • Clear the table of any dishes or clutter

Bonus weekend chores:

  • Clean the table using either furniture polish or an all-purpose cleaner, depending on the type of surface.
  • If the tablecloth is dirty, please launder it.
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop depending on surface

Clean Home, Happy Homeowner

If you find yourself dedicating several hours every week to cleaning, despite having this checklist, it might be worth considering the option of hiring a professional. By hiring Master Clean Bay Area services, you can delegate all the tasks of dusting, sweeping, mopping, and more to them, allowing you to unwind and focus on other activities.

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