1. Seasonal cleaning doesn’t have to ruin the fun

How will you prepare your home for the holiday season?
Holiday cleaning can bring stress to the party and make it less enjoyable. Nobody wants to scrub floors or toilets when there are parties planned. Our team of experts will clean it all.

Master Clean Bay Area offers a simple way to simplify your daily life. Bring your family and friends along for the most festive season with Master Clean Bay Area.

Get great holiday cleaning deals

It’s never too young to start planning for a holiday-perfect place. You can do all the hard work and buy the cleaning supplies, but hiring maids(r), is so much easier. We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are happy to offer a satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.

How to do holiday clean-up right

Master Clean Bay Area are the most trusted home cleaning service in San Jose/Santa Clara County. Now is the perfect time to make your holiday season unforgettable. Let us clean your home so that everyone can enjoy the celebrations.

Holiday cleaning services provide the final touches:

  • We clean and polish foyers and entryways so they look great for holiday entrances.
  • These windows are perfect for displaying indoor and outside decorations as well as welcoming guests.
  • Stairs that are impeccably clean will allow your guests to notice your holiday decorations, garlands and other ornaments.
  • Perfectly clean kitchens featuring pristine faucets and fixtures.
  • Clean, comfortable bathrooms that guests will be proud to use.
  • Hosting guests can lead to a lot more cleaning, especially if your home is larger. We have a trusted, professional team that will make sure your party is a huge success.
  • We give back your peace of mind and time so that you can be with your family and friends as you would like.

After the Holiday clean-up

After the holidays, it can be difficult to get motivated to remove all decorations and the Christmas tree needles from your home. This is the ideal time to organize, but you don’t know where to start. A cleaning service allows you to relax for an extra day and leave the responsibility of cleaning your home. They will take care of everything, including wrapping papers and pots and pans. If you just need one-time cleaning, many companies offer this service.

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