It’s important that you understand the pricing structure of professional housecleaning companies in Santa Clara County and San Jose.

Master Clean Bay Area is aware that every home and family is unique. Each house we clean gets a personal price. This ensures that you receive all our excellent services for the right price for your home.

To determine the price of your house, you must first complete an online estimate. This will allow you to get a range of prices for regular housecleaning services in your home based on these items:

What kind of home are you living in? Are you living in a single-story or two-story home, townhome, or apartment?

To estimate the cost, it is essential to know what type of home we will be cleaning. For an accurate estimate of how big your home is, we will need to measure it.

How many rooms do your homes have?

Knowing the number and type of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home will allow us to determine what needs to get done, and how long it might take.

After you’ve completed an online inquiry, it is time to set up an over the phone estimate. For normal cleans and circumstances, we will typically book you that same day at normal rates. If the house is really messy, we will come visit for an in home inspection.

Master Clean will discuss our cleaning process with you during your in-home estimate. Next, they will go through your home to inspect each room. All that is left to do after the inspection is completed is to schedule your initial clean

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