The time for holiday parties is upon us! Most holiday celebrations were limited last year, but this year more families and organizations are hosting get-togethers with extra precautions to reconnect and celebrate. Here is a checklist to help keep everything tidy and safe this year, whether gathering at home or the office.

Home Holiday Party Checklist

Organize and store items you don’t want to be disturbed while guests are there. This can include toys that could get dumped, excess decorations, or shoes by the door.

Replenish needed supplies. Put out extra items that you want guests to use, such as trash cans in easy reach (instead of under the sink), extra toilet paper, and maybe even hand sanitizer.

Prepare for guests by putting out additional seating and rearranging any furniture to better accommodate your guests. If guests will be outdoors, consider the weather and put down mats for wet boots, shovel the walk, and provide a coat rack.

Even if it’s cold outside, open curtains for more light and vacuum windowsills and clean the windows. Consider additional lighting both in and outdoors, especially if the party begins or ends when it is dark.

Prioritize cleaning tasks by giving extra cleaning attention to the areas guests will be. Don’t worry about extra areas you aren’t entertaining in (such as the laundry room and the piles in there), or recruit help before the party to reduce your stress.

Put away any extra items that were brought out for the party that are not needed anymore. Clean and dry items before returning them to storage.

Put away extra seating and rearrange the furniture to pre-party.

Rest from all your hard work, allowing others to help.

Too tired to do it yourself? Call a residential professional cleaning service to help!

Office Holiday Party Checklist

Clean and prepare the area by wiping high-touch areas, counters, and floors where guests will be entertained. Consider where guests will enter and prepare the space with the weather in mind. Decide if a professional cleaning company should be contracted to clean before, during, and/or after the event.

Replenish needed supplies. Put extra trash cans in the space, fill restroom supplies, and make supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, and more.

Walk through the event as though you are a guest to make sure the flow is sufficient for the number of guests and their expected actions. For example, are tables arranged for being able to communicate? Are trash cans in the right place? Is there a coat room or other place for guests to leave jackets?

Consider hiring a cleaning company for post-party cleanup. They will take out the trash, perform floor care services, wipe down high-touch areas, and clean bathrooms.

Return any items that are no longer needed and rearrange the office space to pre-party condition, including reopening closed areas.

Rest from all your hard work.

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