What’s in Your Rug When It’s Dirty?

Dirty rugs. You probably don’t realize how many filthy rugs you have in your home.

You may be surprised to find out that you have a lot of dirt in your rugs! The odors that are trapped in your rugs are actually bad! We’ve found all the dirt that’s hiding under those rugs! If you don’t regularly clean your rugs, you risk having allergens and bacteria build up in them, causing them to become less effective and causing them to wear more quickly. What is hiding deep inside your rugs?

Sometimes we don’t even realize that there are odors in our rugs!

Many people overlook the fact that rugs in their homes can get very dirty. Most people regularly use their rugs in areas that are frequently visited by their pets and children. When people walk around your house a lot, you’ll see that rugs are dirty. This is due to all the dirt that gets accumulated from going outside your house.

Dirt and pollution. Sometimes things become trapped in rugs, such as dead skin flakes and mold spores.

It’s as though rugs attract dirt and dust that will cause a lot of irritation for everyone in the family. Whenever you leave your windows open, dust will blow into your rugs. This dirt can cause you to become very allergic to other people and cause you to experience an allergic reaction to the smells that your rugs emit. When cooked, carbon particles can get into your rugs and cause them to smell disgusting. It’s very essential to periodically clean the dirt that is accumulating in your rugs.

Bugs and microscopic creatures

If you frequently spill drinks and other liquids in your home, you may be shocked to find out that your scented rugs may hide a host of nasty bugs and other microscopic creatures. When children are present, spilled drinks and food crumbs on your rugs could cause bacteria to thrive.

Skin flakes become trapped in dirty rugs, so they are literally trapped inside of the carpets.

Many people don’t realize it, but a person sheds hundreds of skin flakes each day. Dead skin flies throughout the rugs in your home and can easily get stuck in the fibers. Although vacuums help to keep dead skin flakes from getting trapped in your rugs, sometimes dirt will remain trapped in your rugs and require a rug cleaning service to understand them.

Odors & Smells

When you vacuum, you may not detect any odors, but we can guarantee you they are there. If you smoke or if you have pets that pee on your rugs, they will become a breeding ground for the smelly substances that your rugs smell. The most effective way of getting rid of these unpleasant smells is to schedule a rug cleaning service. This will help you get rid of any dirt or bacteria that may cause your rugs to smell bad.

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